Group for Partners of Trans and Gender Nonconforming People

Link to printable flyer: In Connection

I am pleased to offer this supportive discussion group focused on the unique experiences of cisgender spouses or partners of trans and gender nonconforming people. Topics for discussion may include:

  • Does my identity change because my partner’s has?
  • Sex and intimacy.
  • How do I support my partner and take care of myself too?
  • Are there other people out there like me?
  • Coming out…at work, with friends, with family, with strangers?
  • Surgery(ies): preparations, caregiving, reaching out for help.
  • Other medical interventions including hormones.
  • Finding affirming medical & mental health providers (for yourself as well as for your partner).

Group is held in Andersonville (Chicago) at a location accessible by public transportation and is $50 per session. Intake is required $75 for 30-45 minute intake.

Please message me or call me (773) 852-3642 if you are interested in participating or if you have clients who may be interested.